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Siberian Cat Breeders

Begin your search here to find the most reputable breeders located near you!  Below your will find breeder listings. Browse through the many listings of breeders all over the world. First choose the cat breed your are interested in, then choose the location.  The listing contains a photo, cattery information, and contact details of the breeders.  New breeders are added daily.

Siberian Description / History


If you're looking for a great big huggable, loveable, playful ball of fur, the Siberian Cat is an excellent choice! These large, beautiful cats are as sweet, gentle, affectionate and playful as they are powerful. Siberians have a muscular mid-section and longer hind legs, making them powerful leapers (look out knick knacks!). They have a dense coat and long, bushy tail which helped to keep them warm in the cold climates from which they ... Read More


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