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Cat Breeds

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Description / History

What’s so great about a Balinese cat? Everything! Ask anyone who is owned by one of these fabulous felines what is so special about the breed, and you set off a glowing monologue that ends only when the speaker is exhausted. Under that long, silky ermine coat he wears so proudly, this beautiful cat is all Siamese, and that includes his personality. Despite his regal bearing and aristocratic appearance, he is a clown with a heart as big as a circus tent. To gauge the level of his intelligence, you have only to gaze into those sapphire eyes which sparkle with alertness and healthy curiosity. Although he is every bit as demonstrative and affectionate as the Siamese, he is somewhat less vocal and his voice is softer. Grooming is simple, for the coat does not mat like the double coat of most longhaired breeds. 

It is generally accepted that the breed originated as a spontaneous longhaired mutation of the Siamese cat. Apparently, Mother Nature decided that the already glorious Siamese could be made even more glorious by adding the long flowing coat to the svelte body lines of this graceful oriental beauty. Coat length is the only difference between the Siamese and the Balinese.


The personality of the Balinese can be described as intelligent and curious, although less vocal compared with its Siamese progenitors. Like the Siamese Cat, Balinese cats hate being left alone for long periods of time and can create mischief if left alone or bored.  If you are planning to choose a Balinese cat it is probably a good idea to get a pair together.


7-9 lbs.


The Balinese eyes are almond or oriental shaped and sloping towards the nose.  The eye color is deep vivid blue or bright clear blue.


Medium length, fine, silky without downy undercoat; lying close to the body; tail hair spreads out like a plume.


The Balinese are only accepted in the AACE, CFA, and TICA.


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