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Turkish Angora Cats For Sale

Begin your search here to find the cat of your dreams!  Below you can search by breed, location, cattery or by breeder to find cats for sale.  You can also use our power search tool for more precise results. Browse through the many listings of cats for sale all over the world.   The listings contain a photo, cattery information, and contact details of the breeders.  New cat breeders are added daily.

Turkish Angora Description / History


Many people have used the term Angora to signify any longhaired cat. However, the only pedigreed cats that carry the name “Angora” are the Turkish Angora. In the early part of this century, the Angora was used indiscriminately in breedings with Persians, finally disappearing from the scene as it became incorporated with that breed, known for a time simply as ‘Longhairs.’ 

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